Do You Need a Car?

The answer to the above question, unless you live bang in the centre of the CBD or right next to a main transport hub is yes. Although public transport might be convenient if you know where you want to go and it takes you there, it’s not convenient to use on a full-time basis. Having a car gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want and is one of things most teenagers eagerly anticipate as soon as they get their learner licence. Want to go on a day trip to Gibraltar Peak? Take your mates to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve? No problem if you have a reliable car. If you have set your heart on buying a car or simply upgrading your existing car, you’ll probably start searching for ‘cars for sale in Canberra’ on the internet.

If you know a local trusted car dealer, you’ll probably start by looking there followed by looking through the classified ads but before you buy, make sure you know what you are buying. If you’re buying a car privately it’s  a good idea to take someone with you who knows a thing or two about cars so they can check it over before you part with your hard earned cash, they may be a little cheaper than an established car dealer but you have no guarantee its 100% mechanically sound and if purchased on ‘sold as seen’ basis you may have a problem getting the seller to reimburse you.

The Advantages of Buying from a Trusted Car Dealer

As previously mentioned, you may pay a bit more for a car from an established dealer, but you can rest assured that the car is in perfect working order and ready to go. It will also probably come complete with a warranty that will be honoured in full should a fault arise. Highly regarded car dealers will always want to sell you a reliable car that’s fit for purpose, with the rise of the internet and online review sites word soon gets around if someone is sold a shoddy car from a dealer! This is a scenario that the dealer will want to avoid at all costs. Your local car dealer will be able to give you the full run down of the car, including service history and also information on how the car handles and suitable terrain. Before you buy, tell the dealer what you expect from the car and where you’ll be taking it and you can be sure he’ll come up with a few recommendations if required.

Payment Options

Another major plus point about buying from a reputable car dealer are the finance options available. You can speak to the dealer, lay a deposit down and drive it away the same day if you qualify, what could be easier? If you are buying from further afield, most dealers will arrange a delivery service to your home or even pay for your flight and accommodation in Canberra if you want to collect yourself, now that’s service!