A Guide to Sourcing Tyres, Brakes and Exhaust Services

We all know how costly motoring is, and when looking for a reliable garage that fits tyres, brake pads and exhaust systems, cost is a major factor. When you realise just how many vehicles there are on the UK roads, it is no wonder that there are many garages that offer these services, yet they are very competitive, and with a little searching, it is possible to find a garage that offers top service at very affordable prices.

Comparing Prices

If you are looking to change your front and rear tyres, the best way to get a range of quotes is to use an online business directory. Whether you are looking for a tyre mechanic in Bristol or Swindon, an online search will bring up a long list of potential businesses, and you can start searching for the best deal.

Typical Garage Services

A garage that specialises in tyres would also offer the following services:

  • Brake Systems Overhauled – Replacing worn pads, master cylinders and other brake components.
  • Exhaust Repairs – Replacing exhaust sections, as well as fitting new systems.
  • Wheel Alignment and Balancing.

Tyre repair would also be on the menu, as punctures can usually be fixed for a very small cost, and some garages would have a selection of partly worn tyres, which can save you some money.

The garage would have several full-size car hoists, along with the state of the art machinery that is associated with this type of work. Their technicians would be time served, with a wealth of hands-on experience dealing with all scenarios.


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